Ulli & Bel Introduction

Your team of specialists in exclusive interior design and custom-made projects in Mallorca

Ulli started her career in the fashion industry in Düsseldorf before going out into the world. She lived in 6 countries for 23 years and experienced their home cultures. During this time she learned Interior Design professionally and began working at the LARES furniture store in Palma de Mallorca in 1996.

Anabel started her career in the tourism industry until she moved to LARES in 1999 and started working as an office manager

Together they successfully ran the Interior Design Studio until they took over it in April 2011 under the name Ulli & Bel.


A personal greeting from Ulli & Bel. Not only do we offer furniture and decorations from many exclusive brands, we also specialize in custom-made works. From upholstery to blacksmithing, let our team convince you. We are waiting for you!

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